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Earlier home automation was mainly through wired system and with the advent of new technology for the last 5 years home automation has been slowly shifting from Wyatt system to wireless system for the past 2 years there is a lot of changes happening in the home automation industry as a lot of new players are entering the market place every month. a lot of big companies are also playing there be on this new boom of home automation but the problem is that market penetration of home automation is very less in Kerala. in Kerala builders are very sceptical about the home automation as they have already worked with some wired home automation earlier and they have not got the required results but nowadays with the change in Technology, wireless Technology can be applied to any home at any time. And the good thing with wireless home automation is that we can fix it at any point of a construction work generally we use to fix home automation that is wireless home automation only after finishing up the entire work

We have worked with a lot of Builders in Kochi as well as Architects and in mutual cousin customers we are the frontrunner of wireless home automation in Cochin has been started out 3 years back and we have experience with a lot of different brands and need any place to say that we are not representing any branch but each branch have got their own specialities and expertise so we suggest a customer the best solution according to their price range as well as the functionalities what they need we can do home automation even from 30000 rupees to save 10 or 1500000 rupees home automation is not about how much money you spend it's clearly about the about the convenience with attached to the life of the customer many cut many people are not looking at home automation thinking that it will not help them too much and many people feel that it is and it is an expensive shop products but nowadays it is not I personally has home automation consultant feel that every new home needs to have something some fries which will make the life of the customer is here and this is these are not the new things these are the old things just like CCTV gate automation et cetera when everything in the home can we communicate controlled through a single mobile app that is what we call us real home automation everyday new things are being added to the home automation industry and it is a very exciting industry now a days we can control everything in your house using your own mobile app without even touch opening the app you can just control everything using voice command either through Amazon Alexa or Google home I feel that in the future everything is going to be controlled over voice.

You may have a lot of queries regarding home automation we are always willing and happy to help you for any of your home automation requirements please call us contact us regarding any of your requirement and we will help you with our knowledge in the field and we will guide you to select the best product suitable for your requirement looking forward to hear from you.