Home Automation Kerala Tamilnadu

This is one of our site at Trivandrum.

Here we have done fully Home automation and complete security systems for security of the house.

Here we have automated with Fibaro products which are uk based products.

Also fibaro is the one of the leading product in the market.

Here all the switches are automated.Also window door sensors are also added to every exit doors.So the owner wil  get alert when unauthorised person opens or close the door.

Also we done Electronic door systems to the Small gate. It can operate through switch placed inside the gate where the owner can operate.

And also a video door phone is placed outside the gate .So the owner can know who is outside the gate and can talk to him through it. And also can open the electronic door lock through it.

Here we have done securico security systems for the security of the house.

We have connected many PIR sensors and Alarm to it. If anyone comes in its range the sensors get detected and the alarm will get blow.

We have done it in many sites at different parts in Kerala-Trivandrum,Kollam,Kottayam,Kochi,Calicut.