Home automation with 5 five years of warranty. We provide that for you. Home Tech Group

We, Home Tech Group always believe that customer satisfaction is the only thing which will help to the automatic growth of a company and being in business for many years and understanding customer requirements, we have come up with a combination of products and services through which we can provide our customers with up to 5 years of warranty( Picture given above is that of Fibaro home automation app, we are not providing 5 years for that, that is just for a reference ). We do it by negotiating deals with manufacturers and bringing the products to our customer. We have done testing of the product by our self and have been successfully implemented in many of our customers houses and we are working with the same manufacturers for years and with that experience we can get best deal for our customers.

We do provide warranty by adding the AMC cost to the product cost after considering how many returns com back to us after every year.

Generally we provide a warranty of 2 years for all our products and we provide 5 year warranty for special customers and for builders whom we work with.

Please feel free to ask any query regarding the warranty.

Contact us directly through email or by phone. We are always happy to help you