Crabtree home automation - Home automation-Cochin-Calicut- Trivandrum- Alapuzha-Thrissur

As one of the leading electrical manufacturers from India crabtree Havells home automation is a trusted brand in the home automation industry in whole India they have their distributor is across India Havells has come up with wireless automation in the last few months and is doing really very well in the market its just like any other wireless home automation where they will be a controller and we can choose to module relay on high power relay a single model really which we have to connect with the controller in order to do home automation.

  Another very important functionality of crabtree wireless home automation is that it has not touch switches which which will add to the aesthetics of the home so because of that crabtree is chosen by most of the architect it has got three four types of panels which we can choose and there is an option to change the colour of the front panel also to suit the aesthetics of the room so all together crabtree home automation with all with all the new features is one of the best home automation brand available in India and it is going to be a big hit in the market soon