My experience at hogar controls home automation

In my home automation experience the Hogar  controls is a very good brand with super design. The product is Standard in its design. The relay size are comparitably smaller than the other brands. And the main positive aspect of hogar controls are its touch panel.

Its has got many super looking touch panels The relays are already fixed in it. So easy to work with it. The touch panels give luxuries feelings to the house. Also we will be also very confident to work with it. But some software specification is more in fibaro products.

The Hogar controls controllers are little smaller than the other products.

We have worked with both touch panels and relays. The working was very good at the sites. Also they have many other products like smoke sensor which detects the smokes in the house and gives alert to the owner. Door sensors which gives alert when someone opens or closes the door in between specific timing.           Flood sensor which detects flood, vibration in the wall, temperature of the environment etc.

Overall the hogar controls products give luxurious feelings to the home.