Testing iMonitor home automation products

Today I just tested home automation product of  iMonitor solutions. The product was good in its performance and also has some minute problems and also the product is very cheap in price. All are explained below.

I just get iMonitor product kit containing a master controller, slave controller, three dual controller relays, fan dimmer, switch panel.

First of all I just installed the master controller in our office and also connected all the relays and fan dimmer. The working was very good. The fan controlling was very good because the speed ranges from 0 to 100. So we can setup any speed. The relays was also very good.

Then I just installed the slave controller in the upstair room . And connected one relay in the slave controlled and also I checked the range . That was also good .If the Wi-Fi connection is good then the controllers will work properly.

The main thing is ‘the product is very cheap’.